Let’s Work Together

Strategic Consultant

You’ve got a business plan, an office and employees. Now what?

Relationships are at the heart of all successful organizations, yet four key behaviors can stand between your team and success. Harness soft-skill powers to do well and do good.

Executive Educator

You need to support both individuals and teams. Emerging leaders of all ages are brimming with potential, but may struggle to unleash their strengths. My right-to-the-heart of the matter diagnostic skills target the optimism and resilience needed to translate learning and work challenges into purposeful action and meaningful work.

Project Facilitator

Engage in the habits of success. Bring well-being science to your growing organization through hands-on work aligned to your project goals. I’ll work with you to assess your project goals, leadership and learning styles, and connect them to maximize community strengths. I love to collaborate. Let’s create together.

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