Strategic Consultant
Executive Educator
Project Facilitator

I’m Sherri Fisher. I translate complex research into focused, powerful approaches so growing organizations and individuals can flourish.




As a leader in the growing field of Positive Psychology, I combine years of practical experience with theoretical knowledge. I balance bold, innovative research-based thinking with traditional theory and practice. I’ll help your organization get “right to the heart of the matter” and awaken you to new ways of seeing your future together. My evidence-based approaches can increase enjoyment and engagement for learning, relationships and work; enhance your social skills like empathy, cooperation, assertiveness, and self-control; and build your habits for productivity and success.

I’m a pioneer in the field of strengths and well-being psychology applied to organization and professional development. I began my career working with bright adolescents who struggled with learning, attention and organization. These clients learned to identify their success patterns and harness them for future learning. Despite their challenges, they learned specific approaches to working hard that magnified and leveraged their strengths. They attended elite colleges, and built successful relationships, careers and businesses. Success stories such as these led me to become the world’s first learning specialist to earn University of Pennsylvania’s Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) degree. As an early adopter I’ve had the privilege to learn and train with the top researchers and practitioners in the field. I’m inspired by human potential and the systems that develop it, and maintain close connections with an accomplished, international network of educators, professionals, Positive Psychology researchers, and practitioners.

Places I have spoken include the University of Pennsylvania Imagination Institute; VIA Institute on Character; Universidad Iberoamericana/Mexico City Positive Psychology Program; Canadian Positive Psychology Association/Toronto and Ottawa; International Positive Psychology Association/Philadelphia; UN World Day of Happiness; and a number of schools and community groups throughout the US.